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rash machine

is The largest manufacturer of woodworking machinery in Iran

- About Us -

Rush Enterprises Professional supplier of machines, the most advanced set of machines and equipment, CNC, based on innovation and technology in central Iran, with more than fifty highly trained personnel with strong technical strength, 88% of sales revenue for research devices placed on performance and innovation and to use a production-class equipment home and abroad caused ranked first in annual sales accounted CNC devices, and included 50% of the domestic market share be noted Shvd.lazm each set of products is guaranteed by scientific quality control and proudly Alamdar Iranian flag in the CNC industry, and for the first time in its products to other countries such as Iraq, Kurdistan, Oman, Turkey and Asia Asia, Malaysia is sent Ast.amyd in the coming years to see new innovations in the manufacture and supply of industrial robots, robotic arms Grdym.dr company now has a full service network and team of experts to guarantee a high degree of scientific and experimental is in order to respond effectively to our customers in the fastest possible time structure, function and innovative tools along with expert professional services, was a means to ensure full, your products a year warranty and 10 years with its after-sales service offer our customers.

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